Sled Dragging – A Fun Way To Burn Fat Especially If You Hate Cardio!

Do you hate doing cardio to burn fat? Do you wish there was a way to get leaner without the endless hours on the treadmill or eliptical machine? Do you wish there was a faster way to get the same benefit as long cardio sessions? If you said yes to any of these then you … Continue reading “Sled Dragging – A Fun Way To Burn Fat Especially If You Hate Cardio!”

Do you hate doing cardio to burn fat? Do you wish there was a way to get leaner without the endless hours on the treadmill or eliptical machine? Do you wish there was a faster way to get the same benefit as long cardio sessions?


If you said yes to any of these then you may enjoy doing sled dragging exercises. Sled pulling (sled dragging) is a training technique used by strongmen, powerlifters, football players, and even some bodybuilders to increase their overall conditioning levels. This increased conditioning will improve your capacity for intense work, and it will help you burn fat at the same time assuming you are eating properly. The best part is that is versatile and does not require the same amount of time as a long cardio training session.

A pulling (dragging) sled is typically a metal plate with a “lip” on one side and a pole stick up from the middle of it. This pole allows you to add or remove standard weight plates to vary the resistance. The edge of the plate with the lip is usually attached to a chain or rope. On this chain or rope you can attach your weight lifting belt or other forms of harnesses or handles. The sled will allow you to drag the weight over various distances and in multiple directions.

You can sprint with the sled or you can do backward motion exercises to work your hamstrings and glutes. By adding two ropes (or chains) to certain attachments around your ankles you can even walk with each leg moving the weighted sled. This alone will increase your conditioning in ways not normally found in the gym. Furthermore, you can do a variety of upper body movements and even baseball catchers can work on their footwork for throws to second base by attaching the sled behind them when in the catcher’s stance. Similar sport-specific exercises can be done as well.

The sled also removes the “negative” (or lowering) part of an exercise. If you attach your weight lifting belt to the rope and drag 100 pounds behind you then there is no need to lower the weight. By simply stopping your movement you will remove the need to lower the weight. Sled dragging also helps those who cannot do much cardio training due to impact on your joints such as knees or ankles. By simply walking forward or backward with the weighted sled you can get tremendous benefit without having to hurt your knees or feet with every stride on the treadmill or cardio dance class.

Remember that if you hate doing cardio then consider sled dragging. While it is important for your overall health to do low-impact cardio such as walking or a leisurely bike ride as often as possible, substitute a few of your longer fat-burning cardio sessions with sessions of sled dragging and determine if you notice a difference.

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Build Muscle – How Much Cardio is Enough When Trying to Build Muscle

When your main goal is to build muscle, the workout program you choose to adopt needs to be altered so you can maximize this process.

Build Muscle

In order to build muscle, you are going to have to spend a little more time doing muscle building activities such as weight training or kettleball training, thus this will decrease the amount of time you have left to do other activities that are more cardiovascular related.

But, what is the minimum amount of cardio that you can get away with while still maintaining good shape?
This is a concern that many of those in bodybuilding start to face.

Why You Need To Be Concerned With Cardio
While it may be tempted to avoid cardio altogether and just focus on strength activities, this is a big mistake. The issue here is that having a good cardiovascular system does have positive benefits such as enhanced blood flow (which then helps muscle tissues recover faster), a better capacity to tolerate longer sessions in the gym, and an increase in the fat burning enzymes in the body that help keep you lean.

If you hope to build muscle as quickly as possible but do not want to see a very large fat gain with this, I’d strongly advise keeping some cardio in there.

Cardio To Maintain Shape
That said, to maintain enough cardiovascular shape that you are not winded after climbing a set of stairs, you should aim to complete two to three twenty to thirty minute sessions each week. This is all it really takes to maintain some cardiovascular shape, as far as the heart is concerned.

Obviously if you are involved in athletic activities and are looking to make an improvement in your performance ability, you will need to perform more. BUT, this is assuming you just want to keep your heart healthy, help increase blood flow to the muscles, and make it so that when you do get back to doing more cardio (after you finish building muscle), you don’t have to start from scratch.

The intensity of this cardio does not need to be overly high either. A fast paced walk (say around four miles per hour) or peddling on the bike that gets the heart rate up is definitely enough.

Some people will choose to perform interval or sprint training as their means of cardio but this is definitely a more intense form and it could start to hinder your ability to build muscle.

So, take these points into consideration when coming up with your workout program to build muscle.
While you don’t need hours dedicated to cardio, getting on that bike or treadmill for a small amount of time will serve you very well on your road to gaining muscular weight.

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The Perfect Smoked Ribs Recipe

Cooking has been considered a form of art, just like making a smoked ribs recipe the right way. Smoking ribs is a favourite family dish, whether it is done in the comfort of the home or being ordered at restaurants. Smoked ribs recipe is simple and requires a good kind of pork or beef ribs that are smoke barbequed well on a griller or oven with a flavourful marinade that is applied onto the ribs.


The kind of marinade that is applied to coat the ribs is the cook’s preference depending on the chosen flavor. The marinade could taste sweet, sweet and spicy or others prefer sweet and hot. The secret to attaining good smoked ribs recipe is in the method used in cooking the ribs. The initial consideration is whether or not to use a good quality wood to smoke the ribs with. The wood for this kind should be untreated, which means it is free of any chemicals and is not rotten.

The next thing to consider for cooking a smoked ribs recipe is the smoker where the actual cooking will be done. The smoker can also be used as a charcoal grill if preferred. With the smoker, start the fire by using charcoal rather than wood on the smoking section of the smoker. When the fire is ready, spread the racks of ribs by the meat compartment of the smoker, making sure that it is placed far from the heat source to prevent burning. If the smoker does not have a divider to separate the heat source to the ribs, use brick or large stones for this. The point created here is allowing the smoke to get into the ribs without it directly hitting the heat source.

To create a good smoked ribs recipe is to close up the air valves to allow minimal air to flow out and have a low fire. This will trap the toxic part of the smoke, which is carbon dioxide, to escape into the atmosphere. Every couple of hours the ribs should be turned to allow an even cooking of the smoked ribs recipe. If necessary, add wood or charcoal so as to keep the fire alive while still barbequing the smoke ribs. The more wood or charcoal is added to the smoker, the more the smoking process is achieved. When the wood burns down, the smoker’s valve could be opened to allow the airflow to exit. Smoked ribs recipe will still taste good even if the airflow is not so consistent.

To achieve a good recipe, the fire in the smoker should never die out. Make sure that the ribs cool off in the smoker before cooking is done and then have it heated up again by restarting the fire. It takes about 3-5 hours for the recipe to cook. Allow it to cool down first before serving. It is also advised to wrap the smoked ribs in a good quality foil to seal its smoky flavor.

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Crock Pot Cooking Problems – Are Your Meals Too Dry Or Too Moist?

Remember how dry and chewy those crock pot roasts used to be when you were a kid? You had to beg for glass after glass of milk just to wash down the meat, carrots, and potatoes. For some, those memories stick so strongly in their heads that although they receive one as a housewarming or wedding shower gift, it sits in the back of their cupboard collecting dust.

Crock Pot

Or better yet, those meals that turn out so mushy you could swear it was created (and then pureed) for a one year old. Most of the time, these common problems can be fixed with a few simple adjustments.

Think of your crock pot as any other appliance in your kitchen. Remember the first time you moved to a different home or apartment and used the oven and stove top? It was most likely completely different from your last and probably took you a few weeks to get used to. Likewise, each brand and model is different, so take time to get used to your crock pot. Note that most new slow cookers cook at a higher temperature and therefore may require an adjustment; always use the cooking times given on recipes as a guide.

If your meal is dry:
More than likely, too much steam has escaped in the process of cooking or the meal itself was overcooked. Experiment with the following:
1) Don’t lift the lid! Every time you lift the lid steam escapes, therefore affecting the consistency of the meal and cooking time.

2) Cover the top of the stoneware insert with aluminum foil prior to covering with the glass lid. This will help prevent steam from escaping keeping your food moist.

3) Add a little water. If it still seems dry, add a little more water next time.

4) Reduce the amount of liquid absorbing ingredients. Rice is the big culprit here; if your recipe calls for rice to be cooked in the crock pot, often the rice will absorb the majority of the liquid causing the rice to be mushy and the rest of the meal to be dry.

5) Try reducing the cooking time by 30-60 minutes.

If your meal is mushy:
Once again, it’s likely that the meal was overcooked (strangely enough). It’s also possible that there’s too much liquid and too much steam cooking the food.

1) Reduce the amount of liquid. This is especially true when cooking meals that contain rice or stuffing that is cooked directly in the slow cooker. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had super mushy rice and stuffing to serve as a family meal. At least my toddler liked it!

2) If your glass lid is rattling from steam, leave the lid off for 10-15 minutes, stir the contents (if necessary), and reduce the heat setting; your meal is probably done or quite close.

3) Again, try reducing the cooking time by 30-60 minutes.
Make sure you’re using the right size crock pot; it should not be less than half or more than two-thirds full.
Lastly, for many the cooking time of each recipe is sometimes an issue. I’m fortunate enough to be a work at home mom who is only minutes away from her kitchen and can prepare the crockpot meal at any time during the morning. However, there are many that can’t; and these are the people that should be truly enjoying the benefits of a crock pot!

For those who work 8-10 hour days (or more) the question is always, “How do I prepare a crock pot meal that only cooks for 5-6 hours?” A few solutions are available, one being the new programmable crock pots that switch the heat setting to keep warm once cooking time is done. If buying a new crock pot is not an option, there is also a module that can be plugged into older crock pots that does the same thing and is quite inexpensive.

If you have a lunch hour, prepare the meal in the morning or the night before and keep the stoneware insert in your fridge. Then (if possible) you or someone else in the household could place the insert into the cooking module and flip the switch.

My last suggestion would be this; if you have an 8 quart crock pot, consider making a double batch of the recipe. This lengthens the cooking time by about 50-75% (see example below*) and also creates leftovers to freeze and enjoy later.

I’ve learned that cooking is truly an experiment. Many are afraid to experiment with their crock pot. Don’t be! It’s just like any other appliance in your kitchen, take the time to get used to it and you’ll eventually not want to trade it for anything.

*example of double batch cooking time: a single batch of stew taking 5-6 hours on low, the double batch would take 7-9 hours on low.

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Cardio Workouts to Burn Body Fat

Many people are often unsure as to what types of cardio workouts to burn fat that they should do. There are two ways of doing cardio. One is high intensity cardio and the other is low intensity cardio.

Burn Body Fat

Both types of cardio will help burn fat but the question is which type is going to help you burn body fat more effectively.

Participating in high intensity cardio will burn glycogen, which is a type of energy that is stored as carbohydrates in your muscles and in your liver. Low intensity will burn off more body fat.

The problem with high intensity exercise is that your body is not capable of sustaining it for a long period of time. However the positive side is that when your body is depleted of glycogen, anything that you eat will be saved by your body as glycogen and not fat.

The problem with low intensity exercise is that you have to do it for long periods of time for it to work, and this can get very boring and time consuming. So what type of cardio workouts should you do?
The answer is to do both types. This is done through a method called interval training. This will give you the best of both worlds and it will increase your energy levels the more that you do it.

Interval training means that you do low intensity cardio for a certain amount of time and you add short bursts of high intensity cardio into the mix.

For example if you are doing low intensity exercise such as using a treadmill for 30-40 minutes, you can cut this time back to 20-30 minutes.

Start on the treadmill by going slow for around 5 minutes and then speed up as fast as you can for 30-60 seconds. After this quick burst of high intensity slow down again for about 4 minutes. Repeat this process until the time for your cardio session ends.

This method will not only burn body fat it will ensure that you continue to burn calories after you have stopped your training session, because of the added high intensity work.

Just like any other method of exercise, you should first consult your doctor to evaluate your capabilities. Do not jump into it head first. Take your time to build up the time you spend doing your cardio sessions
Introducing interval training into your exercise will give you great cardio workouts to burn body fat, and it will fill your body with energy, along with saving time.

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